Monsieur Robot – J. Lindeberg AW12/13

A Day In The Arctic was the name of J. Lindeberg’s AW12/13 collection and with a typical Swedish snowstorm outside, it was a perfect title. I haven’t paid much attention to the label in the past few years although it had once been a highlight of my shopping trips to New York where the brand’s flagship Soho store stood out for all the right reasons. Jostling for attention against brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton is no easy task,  but with its sleek Scandinavian aesthetic J. Lindeberg was a haven of understated modern design. In the past few years, creative differences and internal restructuring behind the scenes at J. Lindeberg created some problems that were all too evident in the clothes themselves. Thankfully, under the watchful eye of Pierangelo D’Agostin, founder of hLam and one time design director at Jil Sander, things are back on track.

The quilted down vest was a key trend, and while that’s an item that might be synonymous with sportswear, rather than fashion, when its worn over blazers it creates a modern functional aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on style. 

The rest of the collection was made up of more traditional suiting, but it never verged on the ordinary. The luxurious document wallets, blazers with brightly coloured linings and the very dapper leather gloves were my favourite pieces. The clever use of colour, intricate layering and smart accessories made for a genuinely exciting take on formal wear, I don’t often lust after blazers or suits but the styling here was impeccable. Who knew you could look so good in arctic weather?

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