The Nina Diary – Finding names

Hi Darlings,

We are almost done with sampling the Fall/Winter12 collection! I have been pondering collection names and names for styles. Every season I give all of our styles their own special name; I try to see the personality of a piece and what movie, song or person it reminds me of or who it was inspired by. I have to be relaxed and inspired to name 25 babies in a row, so this time I did the naming from bed. As always, things are super last minute and seem to get more last minute every season. I like the whole surprise aspect of creating a new collection, the unveiling of the name, the clothes etc. One of my favorite things is coming up: the look book shoot! I have some of our locations down and now, in order to find the right girl to model the collection Cupid has to strike. We are shooting this lookbook in Switzerland this time, as I am still here. I am excited to share some backstage shots of the shoot with you next time! So this is when the collection really comes to life! Every time I shoot a look book and see the clothes on the model, I finally get what the collection is about and it’s a very special moment. It’s nonstop right now and it won’t stop until May, so I am trying to pace myself by sleeping enough and eating well. Boring but that works!

Beautiful Dani who I shot the last two look books with in NY. A real muse.

 Location scouting
Fun box! Illustrating for the look book as well as commissioned work.
Yes there is a Zoolander vest!
For look book inspiration – like makeup etc – I like to go through my vintage books. Love Barbara with her Oscar in 1969!

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