I have to be honest with you here: I didn’t pay much attention to the Paris collections last Spring. By the time Paris Fashion Week was in full swing, I was suffering from a bad case of fashion fatigue and didn’t really bother to look at the collections. I saw them but I didn’t observe, analysed, took mental notes or anything of the sort. 
I received my February copy of ELLE UK the other day and immediately regretted not paying attention to the collections. On the cover was a magnificent Dakota Fanning in an even more magnificent Louis Vuitton blouse. Pastel. With. A. Cute. Collar. Basically made for me. And there I sat, ELLE on my lap, fists in the air, wondering why, OH WHY I didn’t pay attention to the collection. Why I didn’t bother going to Paris Fashion Week to watch the show with my own eyes. I would have liked to see all those pretty ladies spinning on a carrousel. Instead, I was probably at home, moaning about deadlines and how I hate fashion week. Oh well – at least there is the internet. 
So today, I give you the collection that is most likely going to shape my Spring-Summer wardrobe into an even more candy coloured affair…
Image sources: Elle UK, LV.