Creed’s Credo

Only last week, there was a little whisper on my Facebook page, it came from a girl called Natalie who was inviting me to take a look at her collection… The photo piqued my curiosity so I asked for more – oh how right I was to do so! 
Natalie Creed is a graduate from Nelson Mandela’s University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and she created her eponymous label shortly after finishing her degree where she was specialising in mohair knitwear (a girl after my own heart). Straight away – or almost – she was poached by a big mohair company and got to travel the world for a while to show the collection she designed for them. She is now back from her whirlwind world tour and ready to work on her own label, Natalie Creed. 

“The label is simply a gathering of things I love, things that are pretty and sweet, perhaps with a little edge. I am constantly inspired by two muses; my sister, Ingrid, and my best friend, Candace. I take influence from my neighbourhood, travelling, friends, animals, objects, the internet! Everything! I think dressing well is about being in love with each item you add to your ensemble, so I try make every garment detailed and special.” – Natalie Creed

Creed designed the whole Spring/Summer collection in her bedroom turned studio located in the cute Richmond Hill area of Port Elizabeth (the equivalent of London’s Shoreditch or NYC’s Brooklyn). The result it just as Natalie describes above, a wonderful mix of prettiness, urban chic with just a touch of vintage styling. I am particularly taken by the wide variety of collars all variations of classic shapes.
Below are some images from an illustration project inspired by Pierrot Natalie styled. 

Photos by Amy Scheepers
Natalie Creed: Website (coming soon)- FacebookBlog