Monsieur Robot – Billy Reid at Mr Porter

Mr. Porter has fast become the the ultimate online menswear retailer, I’m not really sure where I shopped in the days before Mr. Porter, but I know that the experience wasn’t nearly as satisfying and inspirational as Mr. Porter have made it now.  It’s sleek, luxe, grown up and very, very stylish. With an ever growing roster of luxury brands it’s also become a launch pad for design talent and labels that are hard to buy here in the UK, so I always keep my eye on what they’re selling – exclusive brands have obvious appeal – for as long as you can keep them a secret.

The latest in this line of designers is Billy Reid who has turned worn-in work apparel, casual sportswear and American heritage into beautifully crafted wardrobe staples. These aren’t the clothes that grab headlines, or the looks that never make it any further than the end of the runway – these are clothes that you could wear every day. It’s essentially the idea of ‘Americana’ from a menswear perspective – plaid shirts, duck boots – clothes for real men. Here are some of my favourite pieces from Mr. Porter’s Billy Reid selections…

You know how much I love a good sweatshirt? Well the soft yellow crew neck looks like the kind of sweatshirt I would live in. Comfy, well crafted and just the right colour to brighten up a dismal Autumn day. Duck boots are one of those rare of things in the world of fashion – a marriage of style and function. Throw in a stunning camel suit, sharp gingham shirts with detail and attention to the all important collar and you’ve got most of the basic staples already covered. Maybe Billy is a hero after all? 
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