MRLA – Greatest Hits / Valfre / Rhonda / Big Trouble / Mademoiselle Robot in LA

With their mix of of Chiptune, techno-pop, colorful chorus, new wave and ‘boys-who-sing-like-girls’ vocals, When L.A. indie-pop duo Greatest Hits never fails to make me happy. Their new single “Girls on the beach” video came out this week, directed by Natalie Rodgers, perfect timing for this never ending Summer we’ve been experiencing in Los Angeles lately.

Ilse Valfrè is an illustrator, artist, fashion model and kindergarten teacher from Tijuana, Mexico. Her unique colorful drawings of pop culture icons make my inner teenage girl smile. Her girly thoughts are something we all – male or female – think about when it comes to relationships, love and emotions. 
Ilse is working on a jewelry collection with her sister. She is also working on a short film. An all over renaissance Mexican youth. 
This week was full of lovely surprises. It started off at Rhonda, a self-described polisexual monthly L.A. dance party which is always fun to go to. I hadn’t been in a while, and since they decided to do their one last night at El Cid before making the move to Los Globos, I thought I’d stop by and say hi for a bit – which quickly turned into an all-nighter! The music never seemed to stop, thanks to resident DJ Goddollars and after the venue closed down, a selected group of people stayed in and the music kept on going and the boys kept on dancing until 5am. I’m looking forward to the new incarnation of Rhonda, which promises to be bigger, better and more beautiful. Just my kind of gal. 
Sunday night at The Echo, the Part Time Punks hosted a Slumberland Records Night –  one of my favorite record labels.  I also went to see Big Troubles play. They’re a new band I’ve been curious to see and they remind me of 90’s Yo la Tengo  and Smashing Pumpkins. To my surprise, I ran into two friends from Tijuana at their show. The band is really good and the boys are babelicious.

Wednesday I took the day off to finally have a proper hang out with my one and only Mademoiselle Robot, and we headed to Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney for her last day in Los Angeles. It was a  hot sunny day and we strolled down the beach on a quest for babes. To our surprise, we didn’t find that many. Regardless, we found ourselves reunited once again, like a cheesy song. It felt so good.

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