It’s Rutting Season – An Invitation

On Saturday 22nd October from 12pm, I will be at the Ted Baker store on Regent Street as I am collaborating with the brand on their new campaign. 
What will I be doing? They are entrusting me with an iPhone and Instagram account to snap photos of the most stylish stags and does in the store.
Photos Via Les Garçons de Glasgow

What’s in it for you? First, obviously, we get to hang out. But mostly, you get to try on the AW collection, choose your favourite outfit and step in front of the camera donning a stag or dear mask. Once shot, you will be invited to visit Ted’s Facebook page and tag yourselves in your photo… with the aim of garnering as many ‘likes’ as possible by 6pm the following Monday. The looks with the most likes from each store location will then be crowned the most dominant stag or adorable doe.  The winners get £500 shopping spree. Not bad for a photo, eh?
If you want to see photos from the events in Manchester and Glasgow, check out Les Garçons de Glasgow and Sara Luxe!
… and in case you can’t get enough of me after this event, I will also be DJing at the Ted Baker pop-up sweet shoppe in Selfridges on November 3rd from 7-9pm (more on this soon).
In the meantime, I leave you with some of my favourite picks from the Ted Baker website!

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