Monsieur Robot – KTZ SS12 #LFW

I was going to keep the best shows for last when it came to my LFW coverage, but you know what? I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. My favourite show of the day was KTZ, in fact it’s pretty much always my favourite because it’s bonkers. Show after show of well considered, simple, classic tailoring is great, really it is, but before the KTZ shows even start you only need to look around at the crowd to know that this show won’t be like any of the rest. There were no summery suits at KTZ. Nope. S&M harnesses and brothel creeper sandals? OH HELL YES. 

The vibe was Maasai warrior meets punk, a pretty kick-ass combination when you think about it. Biker jackets were re-invented with oversized collars, or worn sleeveless with tribal neckpieces. There was an unusual amount of leather for a Spring/Summer collection, but unusual is better than predictable right? Plus, Summer in London don’t necessarily mean warm so leather shorts seem like a pretty good idea really.
There was plenty of humour too – a jacket advertising your escort services? I’d wear that. Not to meet my Mum in of course, but still it made me smile… and anyway what else would you wear with bondage shorts? The S&M bag deserves a special mention, mostly because it is AWESOME. I assume you’d carry sex toys, chains and whips around in it but no-one will know if I just carry a peanut butter and jam sandwich and a copy of the new Jackie Collins in mine will they? 
Anyway I saved the best picture for last.  Just look at those shoes. Look at them. Aren’t they amazing? Now just imagine me wearing them. Pretty hot right? Awww yeah. Trends are about fitting in, real fashion is about standing out and that’s why I love KTZ. Who wants to fit in anyway?
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