Mademoiselle Robot Loves Maria Nilsdotter

The first time I saw Maria Nilsdotter creations, I was besotted. I already featured some of her pieces on the blog but after hanging out with her a couple of times, I decided I had to let you know a little more about this ultra talented super babe. I paid her a visit at her Stockholm workshop back in August and asked her a few questions.

What made you decide to start your own label?

It was kind of an easy decision since I started selling my jewellery during my second year at CSM. So when I graduated it was my only plan.

What do you think about while making your pieces? 

I create little stories in my mind. Like fairytales or darker stories, with main characters, scenery and music.

Your workshop is very personal, how did you decide what it would look like? 

I just wanted to be surrounded by things that inspire me – a bit egoistic:). My books are my treasures so I wanted them close. A lot of the furniture and many weird things are from my home and the rest is from antique shops.

How do you keep a private/work life balance? 

It is quite difficult when you do something that you’re very passionate about. It’s easier now that I don’t work from home, when I get home I want to focus on my daughter. When she’s sleeping I do some more work…
Favourite places in Stockholm? 

The archipelago for sure, I’ve spent every summer there and it’s the most beautiful and peaceful place to me. I love Old Town (Gamla Stan) where my workshop is; you can feel history there. The yard at Story Hotel during summer is perfect for drinks in the evening. Then dinner at Riche for meeting people.
What inspired the new collection? 

My new collection for SS12 “Catch Me If You Can” is inspired by warrior women (sounds weird I know), hunting and trophy collecting, strong but feminine. It’s a sequel to my last collection inspired by travelling people and nomads.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

My favourite from my own collections vary all the time, the Claw Ring is special to me since I made the first version in college. Favourite jewellery otherwise are pieces that mean something special. Like my engagement ring, my grandmother’s ring and a Zuni Indian ring from Santa Fe. I guess I like rings!

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