Help London

I am currently in Stockholm, watching in total disbelief as looters seem to be taking over our city. I am sad and shocked and really can’t get over the evil that seems to inhabit these thugs. I can’t stop watching the news, I worry about my family and friends, of course, but I also feel terrible about all those poor people who lost their businesses, witnessed mindless violence. All in the name of what? 
All I can think about is that I should be there to help right now. Please, please if you are in London, help cleaning up this mess! Don’t let the thugs take over our beautiful city. Spread the love and bring back peace.
To help – please keep checking the hashtag #riotcleanup on Twitter as well as #CatchaLooter. There may be voluntary clean up crews in your area, join them and show everyone what London truly is about.
Be strong and be safe. I love you.

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