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I talk a lot about accessories, we all want to be surrounded by beautiful things right? Well what’s a better accessory than a well dressed friend? I have my fair share of course, and I’m very grateful for those friends, but every now and again I see someone who is literally so stylish I’d kill just to be seen in their company. This brings me to Paul D C Kindersley, a man with so much style it’s almost a crime. I asked him to show us a few of his favourite outfits so that maybe we could get his look. Some people are born with it, and some people just have to borrow it. 

Paul is an artist, and a damn fine one too. If you can’t quite manage his style, you might want to think about buying some of his art, which you can do here. My favourites come from the  ‘Men of ’73’ series which you can see here.


Here’s Paul and his favourite summer looks and a run down of where, how and why he’s wearing them…
“I love the colour of egg yolk – so I always buy anything I see that’s close!”

Glasses: from Battersea market (I wanted to look like an 80’s Dutch graphic designer)
Jacket: with added dangling nuts from Oxfam (I LOVE  a cropped jacket and own about 7)
Polo: from Uniqlo
Watch necklace: £1 bargain from Battersea again (I always wear it, it works, but I am still late).
Trousers: from Cambridge salvation army, wore them loads in New York and everyone nick named me Hockey-Mom.
Socks: American Apparel, just for the colours.
Shoes: amazing vintage Salvatore Ferragamo deadstock for $10 from a thrift store in Manhattan – I have worn them almost to death!!
Bangle: given to me by some rich weirdo in NY (his driver had a gun in the glove compartment of his escalade – say no more).

“Sailor – me trying to be a sexy Jean Cocteau drawing. FAIL.”

Hat: Baby bonnet thingy from Battersea (AGAIN) with badge of hunky Dolph Lundgren from Endurance nightclub (at Alibi).

Top: given to me by a german woman on the street when I lived in Berlin. I have had it from over 7 years, it is full of holes and just gets better!
Necklace: Amazing pewter Medusa (you guessed: Battersea!). It was on shorter chain, it is now crotch length and I can’t be bothered to change it!
Braces: H&M left over from my 15 year old 70’s phase.
Trousers: part of a job lot. 25 items for a tenner from Battersea car boot. Some man said his sister had a shop in the late 80’s on the King’s road. I bought all the remaining deadstock!!! (mostly Italian menswear). Loads of zips, shoulder pads etc…
Bracelet: amazing jewellery stall in the meatpacking Sunday market in NYC. This 20 stone woman with hot pants, magnifying glass and huge red lips couldn’t fit it on and threw it at me. I KNEW it had to be mine (it’s twisted bamboo).
Shoes: Doc Martens. I love this pair so much. Doc Martens gave me another pair for being best dressed at last year’s Vintage by Hemingway festival!

All words by Warren Beckett and Paul Kindersley
Special Thanks to Paul for inspiration and a kick-ass attitude
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