Current Favourites

I get a lot of emails and comments asking me what my favourite beauty or hair products are, so I though I’d post a list of my current favourite things. These are not only beauty products, more like a collection of  what I can’t live without at the moment.
By far the absolute best shampoo/conditioner combo I’ve ever come across. It smells amazing, it makes my hair super soft and shiny and the packaging is very apothecary chic.
If you live in London, the SachaJuan range is available from Liberty’s.
I am definitely into wearing a lot of rings at the moment and I also like to document finger parties. I received this ring last month and it already got invited to a LOT of finger parties.
Perfect Summer set, pastel colours, paisley print, lace and an extremely good fit. I was sent this one as a present, but I may have to treat myself to a few more from the collection. I am sure I can vouch for all the  booby ladies with small backs out there, a good fitting bra is a hard thing to find, harder than the Holy Grail so trust me on this one.
This is the ultimate statement necklace, made by my friend Jennifer Loiselle. I am a big fan of all her designs, but this one blew my mind a little. 
BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER. If you only need a light coverage, I would strongly recommend trying this one out. It looks absolutely flawless and is extremely light. There you go, my secret is out.
The smell of this spray is incredible and it gives my hair just the right amount of shine after I’ve repeatedly tortured it with various heated instruments.

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