Vintage Shopping in L.A. – Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is one of the last vintage shops I visited during my stay in L.A. with QSW. It is a bit out of the way in Topanga Canyon so you will need a car to get there, but it is definitely worth a visit. I mean it isn’t called “Hidden Treasures” for nothing.
If I had a vintage shop, I probably go a bit mental with the decor as well. A totem pole? Yeah, sure. Dinosaurs on the roof? Well of course. Hold on, let’s add some skulls on the wall and a few sparkling things. Oh wait… The house doesn’t look enough like a pirate ship, let’s hang a treasure chest from the balcony!
But it is not all about the outside… Hidden Treasures is absolutely filled with clothes, trinkets, furniture, bed linens, you name it they have it. Everything is laid out haphazardly, it is musty, it is rusty, but it is so much fun. Everything is pretty affordable too. I picked up a postcard print silk blouse from the 50s there for $6 and I tried on a few dresses from the 50s and 60s that were in fairly good condition and all under $15. 
The trinkets and furniture were also really cheap, but I didn’t want to consider a purchase for too long as I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring it home and I would clearly end up in tears on the side of the road if I paid too much attention to the heavy things. I did take loads of photos though, you know… for posterity.

Hidden Treasures
154 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
TopangaCA 90290

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