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I first saw Henrik Vibskov’s amazing clothes many years ago on a trip to New York. Hidden away among the bland ‘big name’ designer shops of SoHo is an amazing little boutique called Seven and while browsing rails of Raf Simons and Jeremy Scott I was shocked to find a name I’d never heard of before. And what a nice name it is too. Henrik graduated from Central St. Martin’s in 2001 and has been making his own fashion rules ever since, several years on and there’s a womenswear and a menswear line and if you’re lucky enough to live in Oslo  or Copenhagen you could even visit one of the Henrik Vibskov boutiques. The lucky people of New York can visit  their own Vibskov boutique that has just opened up on Broom street and hopefully Londoners won’t have to wait too long before we get our own taste of Vibskov. With runway show names like “Big Wet Shiny Boobies”, “The Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory” and “The Solar Donkey Experiment” it’s just the kind of idiosyncratic sartorial fun Londoners need in their lives.
Henrik Vibskov by Nick & Chloe

Henrik’s menswear collection for 2011/2012 was shown in Paris and true to form it had all the ingenuity and originality that typify his designs. I don’t really know what I’d look like in men’s leggings (are we calling them meggings?) but I’m gonna say that if I do try them, Henrik’s will be the ones I go for…
There’s a wonderful mixture of avant-garde sensibilities with wearable and functional pieces in this new collection, and can I just say that I’m literally crazy about these shoes too?

Not even the sensible and muted autumnal palette can make these clothes boring, the details in the cuffs of the jackets and the intricate shoe/sock/tongue combination adds some sophistication to the witty textiles and playful silhouettes.

There’s an almost intangible quality to Vibskov’s designs which is uniquely Scandinavian,  the aesthetic is one that you just don’t find anywhere else…in a marketplace flooded with bland, ordinary clothes Henrik Vibskov stands out for all the right reasons.
Words By Warren Beckett
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