Grenson – Get Your Brogues On

I’d like to tell you that I was into Grenson shoes before anyone else but that would be a lie, also it would make me well over 150 years old and despite how I look I’m actually not that old. Grenson are traditional English shoemakers, established in 1866 by William Green, but despite the heritage this shoe company happens to be on the cutting edge of fashionable shoes. You’re probably painfully aware of my shoe addiction, and no-one can have escaped the recent turn toward smart shoes for men. Brogues are the ultimate mens shoe. You can wear them with a bespoke Saville Row suit or with skinny jeans and a vintage t-shirt. They always work, it’s just a fact. Grenson brogues are by far the best brogues around, and I should know I’ve tried on every pair in London. Their new collection is perfect for Spring/Summer. Bright colours create that perfect juxtaposition between formal and casual, old fashioned and modern.
The fact that they all come with mens names will be particularly useful, “Where’s Stanley?” I could shout to my poor bemused boyfriend. Plus us guys get in on that Marc Jacobs trend where all the handbags have girls names. I might have looked stupid with my ‘Stam’ bag, but I look good out on the town with ‘Stanley’.
Brogues are one of those things you cant scrimp on. The process of making these shoes is complex and requires genuine expertise. Therefore it isn’t cheap and while Grensons prices aren’t as high as what designers will ask for canvas trainers, these shoes are well made. You get what you pay for. High street just won’t do for brogues, cheap shoes look cheap and lets be honest, that’s never sexy. 
If you’re in the market for a pair (and why wouldn’t you be? Have you seen them?) then you might want to pop to Selfridges and visit the Grenson Brogue Bar. Kind of like a pop up shop the Grenson Brogue Bar will only be open until the 12th of May so you don’t have much time. They’re even doing a ‘Happy Hour’ where you get a free Grenson shoe tree with each purchase.
The Grenson Brogue Bar

If you can’t decide which pair you want most you might want to consider the Dylan. They’re based on a pair of shoes Robert Redford wore in The Great Gatsby that were made by Grenson and have been re-released to celebrate the remake of the film. I reckon Robert Redford was the first person to be into Grenson shoes…he’s gotta be at least 150 right? 
Words by Warren Beckett
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