Electrum – Past, Present & Future

When I am not blogging about my clothes, or what I had for dinner, I am actually quite a busy beaver. As you may know, I write the MCM Blog on a daily basis and I also consult for various fashion brands. The project I am showing you today is something I’ve been working on for the past few months. 
I collaborated with Electrum, a jewellery gallery on South Molton Street in London to put together their 40th Anniversary retrospective exhibition – Past, Present & Future. I essentially acted as the Art Director for the gallery, which means I advised them on what the place should look like while the exhibition is taking place. 
I commissioned the wonderful Bunny Bissoux to design some illustrations for the window and the feature wall of the gallery and I am still working on a playlist that will help create a complete sensory experience for gallery visitors.
If you fancy having a look, the Private View is on Thursday this week from 6-8pm and the exhibition will be on till June 4th.

21 South Molton Street
London, W1K 5QZ
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