Monsieur Robot loves Henry Holland – LFW Special

I remember coming across a stack of House of Holland t-shirts while back home in Dublin not long after I’d read about them. In an excited dash to the till, arms full, I was pretty proud of myself. Plus I knew I’d be able to break the ice if I happened to run into Donatella Versace (she knows how to party!). A few weeks after that I was on holiday in New York, wearing my House of Holland tees I was stopped and photographed several times… Kudos to Henry as the t-shirt was the star. I’m eternally grateful to him because apart from making me feel like Lindsay Lohan being snapped by the paparazzi the tees were witty, sexy referential and cool. A mean feat for mere t-shirts. The House of Holland show was today so I caught up with Henry earlier to ask my favourite questions…

What are you wearing right now?
My staple uniform of black skinny April 77 jeans, a House of Holland t-shirt and Levis denim jacket.
How do you dress on ‘off’ days? For example if you’re just sitting round the house, or popping to the shop for a pint of milk?

As above!

House of Holland

Are there any fashion faux pas you’ve made?

When I was 9 my mum bought me a multi-coloured shell suit, I thought it was the best thing ever. That was until I set fire to it by sitting too close to a heater!

Who are your favourite designers (apart from yourself)?

I admire anyone who chooses this career, I have particular respect for British designers like Richard Nicoll, Louise Gray and Katie Hillier.

Do you enjoy seeing your clothes on other people? Are there people you wouldn’t want to wear your clothes?

Of course, it’s such a buzz seeing girls in the street wearing pieces from mainline, H! at Debenhams or Pretty Polly tights.
House of Holland

You post pictures of your outfits on Twitter quite often, is it important that other people like the way you dress, or do you dress just to please yourself?

It’s not the be all and end all, it’s more important that I feel comfortable in my wardrobe.

How many wardrobes do you own?

Just the one!

What are your wardrobe staples? Is there an item of clothing you cant live without?

April 77 jeans.

Is there one item of clothing you wish you’d designed yourself?

The onesie.

Who is your style icon?

Elizabeth Taylor

Will slogan tees always be cool?

Of course, everyone needs a slogan tee in their wardrobe.
House of Holland

How important do you think working with high street retailers such as Debenhams is? Do you value bringing your style to a wider audience or fear it may dilute your brand?

Debenhams and Pretty Polly have provided huge support to my business and without them it would be impossible to reach such so many customers. In my mind a diffusion line for a high street retailer can only add value.

Do you have any style advice or fashion tips for my readers?

Wear clothes, don’t let them wear you.

House of Holland
House of Holland
Words by Warren Beckett