Mini Robot – Shoes!

You all know about my passion for clogs – and more precisely Swedish clogs. Well, you will be happy to know Swedish Hasbeens also makes them for little feet. They are slightly “higher” than your average kiddie sandals, so they start at size 28, which means Mini Robot herself can’t actually wear them, but I know that she digs them. Insider’s knowledge. 
How do I know? Well… It is a bit of a convoluted story, but basically she was looking through my A to Z of shoes book and stopped, mesmerized on the page where Crocs were shown. She exclaimed “these are so beautiful, and look, they are pink!” which made me want to gouge my eyes out, because there is only one thing I hate more than Crocs, and it is Uggs (please note how they both have the most cringeworthy names – Croc my Ugg, you ruffian). After sharing my utter despair on Facebook (as you do), I went on to explain to her that Crocs were not “beautiful” and that they were, in fact “disgusting” and that I never wanted to hear those words uttered in my house ever again, nor did I want my child wearing plastic shoes with holes in them – and potentially charms adorning said holes. How effing wrong would that be? But you know, apart from this incident, I am all for children expressing themselves.
Instead, I offered to take her to have a look at some Hello Kitty sandals (very pink) or even better, to look at REAL clogs – ones that aren’t made of cheap plastic. So off to the Swedish Hasbeens website we went, introducing her to the wonderful world of cute shoes. 
We didn’t stop there… I also showed her the wonderful Vivienne Westwood x Melissa jellies. These are also made of plastic but at least they smell like candy, not like a moldy rubber ball. Please marvel with me.