Brick and Blue

What started off as an experiment with colour blocking mixed with 70s hues – and is documented here – ended up as a 100% nautical outfit later in the day – not documented here. I am not sure how it happened, I am just going to take a wild guess that my fashion subconscious wasn’t ready to let go of old habits and just wanted me to remain a not-on-trend loser. Or something like that. 
I do have another mega colourful outfit to show you, but I may need to send you all some sunglasses as it will permanently damage your eyes. Si.
As you are reading this, I am on a plane somewhere above Scandinavia, making my tired way to Oslo Fashion Week where I have been invited by Fam Irvoll and Blow PR for her Womenswear and Childrenswear show. I am pretty excited, as you can imagine! After that, it will be London Fashion Week coverage a gogo, with the help of the super awesome Catherine (you remember her from last season she was my assistant for LFW) and Monsieur Robot who will be covering the Menswear shows. Yep, you heard it – for the first time on this blog, Menswear shows! Yeeehaw!
I am thinking of changing the way I cover LFW, but I am not sure, I just don’t want to inundate you with  only LFW related stuff for five days… So tell me what you want, what you really really want. 


I am wearing Topshop skirt and tights, Jumper from Miss Selfridge, shoes from Target (they have a funny story, I will tell you another time), Bag from Mulberry.