Monsieur Robot presents – Movember

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Are you still paying top dollar for moustache rides? Sad that Halloween is over? Excited about Christmas but worried you’ll peak too soon?  Me too. 
Well in case you didn’t know November brings something that’ll brighten up these dark winter nights. I’m talking of course about Movember. Movember fits quite nicely between these two holidays and is fast becoming my favourite event of the year. On your travels, perhaps during your daily commute, have a good look around…do a quick moustache count…do you see more than usual?  Now while moustaches aren’t particularly new or exciting for some of us, Movember isn’t about fashion it’s about charity and that’s an admirable thing. But more importantly is about getting as many men to grow moustaches as possible and that’s a great thing. 

For people of my generation you might remember moustaches from such people as Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Hitler or your own Father,  and while these are fine examples of facial topiary they are also what put most men off the idea in the first place. While driving a speed boat or wearing a hawaiian shirt was de rigueur for the moustache wearers of our youth, today’s moustache wearer is a little more ironic and a lot more sophisticated.

So what kind should you go for? Well you could go for a twirly vaudeville style number, but that might make you look evil. Maybe you want to look smart? Well you could go for the Nietzsche, or maybe the Jung or even a Heidegger? These moustaches too philosophical? Well I cant find any style to suit me. I’ve tried it myself many, many times. Like so many things, a moustache just doesn’t suit me. Shaving your beard off and leaving a ‘tache behind is really very difficult. I can barely get it symmetrical most of the time. Ive got all sorts of attachments for my beard trimmer, specifically for moustaches but they don’t help. In fact in order to try and make my own moustache more appealing I once gave it a name. Jose. Yep, even that didn’t work.
When I think of a moustache I think of the whole lifestyle that goes with it. Moustachioed men are, sophisticated, handsome and charismatic. They own leather driving gloves, and wear smoking jackets. They pour whiskey from a decanter into a crystal glass….well, you get the picture. As I get older this lifestyle becomes ever more appealing to me, and a moustache fits in so nicely with it. Think Alain Delon in Le Cercle Rouge, now there’s a man that could wear a moustache. 
There is something gentlemanly about them, that appeals to the older man. Take a Look at Vincent Price, charming right? Well it doesn’t have to be so stuffy, if you want a bit more edge then there is only one man to turn to. I won’t lie to you, I’ve often been tempted to draw mine on with eyeliner, hell I’d use a sharpie if I had one but the simple fact is I’d never look as cool as John Waters. But don’t let that put you off…

For girls that complain about them, give us guys a break! There is so little fashion and cosmetics fun to be had by men, moustaches are one of the few things we have. Having said all this of course they’re not for everyone. But i don’t want to feel left out so I might wear this Tatty Devine brooch made in conjunction with Penhaligons. Maybe you want something more permanent? How about this amazing vase? See? There’s something moustache related for every occasion. Moustaches – they’re not just for your face!

Words by Warren Beckett