Monsieur Robot presents – Made for walking

Ever feel like Nancy Sinatra is threatening you? Well, I think we can all understand what she means. Wearing boots often makes me feel empowered and a little bit more kick-ass than I usually feel. I don’t tend to threaten people when I wear mine, but maybe I just haven’t got the right pair of boots. Yet.
We can’t really deny that it’s winter now, but while you’re complaining about how cold it is there is something to be excited about – it’s boots weather!  As soon as the cold snap hit, I was down on my knees rummaging around the back of my wardrobe to find my favourite boots. I’ve owned my Vivienne Westwood pirate boots for a long time now, they’re a truly wonderful thing.  They’re difficult to wear I’ll admit (post Pirates of the Caribbean I assume from far away I look like I’m going to a fancy dress party) and they garner plenty of attention when you wear them, both good and bad. But the only thing worse than having your clothes talked about, is not having your clothes talked about. Plus they make a really satisfying jingle jangle noise when you walk.

I’ve always loved boots, ever since I was a child. From purple Kickers boots to biker boots and even an unhealthy preference for hi-tops. Boots are cooler than shoes – it’s a fact. Where women can slip on some heels and it adds a wiggle to their walk and changes their silhouette, a man in boots walks with a swagger and stands with confidence. It’s a noticeable change even if the boots are hiding under your jeans.
My most recent obsession are a pair of Margiela boots. Available from oki-ni they’re kinda pricey at £560. While technically I could afford them (If I stop eating for a month) it’s still quite a lot to spend. I’m not sure I can justify that… But, if I was to wear them every day for a year that would break down to £1.53 a day! For two years its only 77p a day! I spend more than that on coffee in Starbucks…. They’re practically free! But, I would never wear the same boots every day for a week never mind two years. Margiela’s boots are based on a vintage pair of riding boots that he found in the South of France. I’ve never had such luck with vintage boots. Most stores stock equal measures of Doctor Martens, cowboy boots and Frye boots, none of which I’m particularly interested in. But I’m inspired by Margiela and shall continue to comb the vintage stores in search of the perfect pair of boots.
My other half has more luck with vintage stuff. He has some black leather riding boots in which he looks particularly fine. Highly polished and relatively plain they’re both a stand out statement and sophisticated in their simplicity. It’s only on close inspection that you notice the boot, with skinny black jeans from a distance they’re hard to spot. The trick to a great outfit is to have layers of detail that demand closer inspection and these boots are perfect for that. Luckily for him we have different sized feet.

The best thing is winter has only just begun so I have plenty of time to wear all my boots. Pointy goth ankle boots, gold studded hi-tops, brown leather brogue boots…even converse look better as boots. So stop moaning about the cold, roll up your jeans, cue up Nancy Sinatra on your iPods and let’s go walking. 
Words and photos by Warren Beckett