Monsieur Robot – Anthony Price for Topman

I don’t know about you, but I get bored very easily. Whether I’m flicking through TV channels or cycling through the songs on my iPod, I like change, it keeps things fresh. That’s why I find men’s fashion so frustrating sometimes. Walking around London it seems that the ‘country gent’ look is not going anywhere, and while I love my tweed jacket and do genuinely see the appeal in dressing like that, the look has been around for too long. Quilted jackets and flat caps are everywhere in fact this trend is so ubiquitous it transcends class and age to degrees that women’s fashion never does. Literally everyone is dressed the same.

So what am I meant to do on the mornings when I wake up and decide I don’t want to dress like a farmer? The simple answer – head to Topman. I’m a relatively recent Topman convert and to be honest they always have what I want. When I get asked about what I’m wearing and I respond with “Oh it’s from Topman” people always look surprised. There’s no need for this anymore, those in the know might snatch up the best Topman clothes quickly but elbowing people out of the way to get to that item you want is half the fun of shopping there. No other high street retailer comes close in terms of smart designer choices and affordable stylish clothes. 
So imagine my relief when I saw the new Antony Price collection. This one’s not for farmers. Ever wake up and decide you want to dress like some bad-ass science fiction movie villain? Well I do. Frequently. And Antony Price must do too. His new collection is stunning, I can imagine myself wearing every single piece. There’s a military theme, but not the tired army surplus or fraudulent high street take on military that you’re used to. Price’s jackets are sexy and futuristic, reinventing the idea of military in monochromatic wool and leather the whole collection is thoroughly modern. There is a beautiful quilted jacket (definitely not for the countryside), a pleated bomber jacket that’s so nice, I have to rewrite my Christmas list so I can put it at the top and a pea coat that’s joyously different from the millions of pea coats out there with its dramatic cowl neck that’s both stylish, and in this weather practical. When do those two things ever come together to look this good?
Winter coats are so important, for months you wear it every day and it’s the only thing that most people see you in, so it has to look good. I for one want to stand out from the crowd in my winter coat and Antony Price’s collection is perfect for that. Comfortable jersey trousers and cap sleeve t-shirts complete the look, restrained in design they allow for the more dramatic coats and military jackets to take centre stage. Beautiful. I hope Santa knows where Topman is because I’m writing him a letter right now.
Words by Warren Beckett – Photos courtesy of Topman