Lots of news and lots of cats

In the spirit of regaining control on my website and keeping up the changes I have made in the past few weeks, I have left the Glam network and decided to go solo as far as advertising is concerned. I am not going ad free as the ads pay towards running the site, but I want to be the one selecting what goes in the sidebar. 
I would like to give priority to brands I like as well as independent designers or vintage sellers so if you are interested in advertising on Mademoiselle Robot, please get in touch! At the moment, I am mainly taking 300×250 ads that will go at the top of the page, under the Facebook button or 125×125 ones that will go in the smaller sidebar, lower down on the site.
Since I started giving you some news, you may also have noticed two new badges in the sidebar… One for MCM and one for Teen Vogue. In September I was hired by MCM to become the “voice” of their brand, or the editor of their blog if you prefer. I am writing about a lot of things on there that I don’t necessarily write about here, so if you want to have a look, just click on the badge (or here).
As for Teen Vogue, they invited me to be a part of their Fashion Click blog as one of the 100 style bloggers on there. It is essentially a style blog with multiple subjects à la Lookbook.nu. I am really pleased to be featured on there and it has already made me discover a few new ladies with super styles. So if you are after a little bit of inspiration, go for it!

I am wearing a Uniqlo cardigan, the Space Cat tee I designed for Wiloh (in Grey Bamboo), ASOS skirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Dune shoes and Cat bag from eBay.