Little Fille

The life of a blogger is filled with interesting encounters – some I could live without, and some I am very grateful for. I receive a lot of emails and press releases telling me about lots of different products that I mostly don’t care for that much (and I know you don’t either). These emails go straight to the bin. I also receive some emails late at night, when I am about to go to sleep, from small designers trying to get their name out there. They have worked all day making beautiful things with their own hands, they don’t have a PR agency churning out press releases on their behalf, so they have to wait till late at night to reach out to the bloggers and to the press.
I like these emails. It makes me happy to know that some people have a drive and dedication that can move mountains… and when their creations are super cute, it helps, of course.
Mari Santos, creator of Little Fille contacted me last night asking if she could send me one of her headbands, thinking it would suit me “and my fringe”. Generally, when someone says something will suit me or is relevant to my site, I laugh and shut the computer. But something about the brand name and the way she had written the email made me look at her site. 
I liked the look of her stuff so much that I wanted to feature her designs asap. I will still wear the headband she is sending me (Alice, if you must know everything) and I will photograph it and post it here, but by the time I’ve done all that, it’ll be 2025. So I thought I’d show you my latest “discovery” before I even start wearing it. I put quotation marks around “discovery” because I feel Mari discovered me more than I discovered her – lazy blogger! bad blogger!
I think Little Fille’s headgear would make perfect Christmas presents for your sister/bff/mother/yourself, don’t you? It isn’t even expensive – the prices range between £20-£35. Not bad, eh?