Lauren Moffatt SS11

After the Californian honeymoon debacle in August, we managed to change our booking to go away to Florida in February. It is getting a little nearer and the three of us (yep – it is more of a familymoon this time) keep thinking about Mickey Mouse’s house, alligators and walks on the beach. 
It is all great, but I haven’t got a clue about what to pack to go somewhere sunny in the Winter. Does that mean I get to buy loads of Spring-Summer stuff way earlier than usual? Do I mix and match my Summer and Winter clothes? Do I get to wear sandals? With socks? With jeans? With dresses? 
Enter Lauren Moffatt. Lauren reads my mind. Lauren creates clothes I want to wear all the time. Lauren called her lookbook “The Honeymooner and what she packed”. Clearly, Lauren has been stalking me. Right? Does this mean I owe it to myself to just buy the whole collection? Or is it excessive? Because I really want to. Why do I always have those massive obsessions with American designers? They are sometimes difficult to get hold of in the UK and they end up being overpriced her when they are pretty affordable in the US. 
Anyway, back to Lauren… I feel like I should write her a love letter, compliment her on the super cute styling of the lookbook, thank her for reading my mind and putting together a collection that could travel directly from her workshop into my closet. I know I am not the only one, I have an email from my bff right now in my inbox saying the same. 
That makes me think I should really just go to New York for Fashion Week this season instead of dragging my heels in London.
Lauren Moffatt
Lauren Moffatt
Lauren Moffatt
Images courtesy of Lauren Moffatt