There is definitely a theme to today’s post. I am so sick of being in London, I am longing for a holiday, a trip somewhere, anywhere. I am not sure if this is just me being a typical Sagittarius and feeling ants in my pants if I don’t travel or if I am just trying to escape the work overload…
Yesterday, I got dressed and without noticing, I put on my lovely new dress from Family Affairs – the Homeward dress – and then proceeded to stuff my belongings in my Eiffel Tower bag. After a few twirls, it hit me: I want to go home. I want family and friends time. No matter how exciting and amazing my life is at the moment, it is also pretty tiring! Is this blog turning emo this week?
Back to clothes though, the Homeward dress is by far one of my favourites at the moment. It is super duper short (even for me and that is saying a LOT!) but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it – mind you, if you are under 5’8 it probably won’t be too short for you. At first I thought I would just use it as a top to wear with jeans and then I realised it would be a waste of a perfectly good dress. So I just wear shorts underneath to avoid giving too many thrills to men in the street. Especially as I decided to cycle in this dress yesterday. 
I absolutely love Family Affairs and this is the first piece I own but I am sure there will be many more! 
Homeward dress

Homeward dress

Dress – c/o Family Affairs, tights – Accessorize, shoes – Office, Bag – Longchamp c/o My Little Tote Shop