Levi’s Curve ID

Guys, before I start this post, I am going to come clean: I have never had issues buying jeans. The idea of buying jeans doesn’t depress me. If I have to go a size bigger, I don’t care. I don’t have many issues about my body.
Keep reading, I have a point. Levi’s Curve ID jeans aim to make the process of buying jeans less traumatic by providing three different fits based on your waist to hips ratio. You will fit either in the “slight curve”, “demi curve” or “bold curve”. What’s most likely to happen is that you will be somewhere in-between and will end up with the “demi curve”, like 80% of women.
Levi's Curve ID
I like to think I have rather womanly curves (read a nipped in waist and child-bearing hips) so while I was getting fitted, I assumed I would be a “bold curve”. But non. I was a “slight curve” and the jeans did fit fine (in my normal size, not in the recommended size smaller). My only issue with the “slight curve” jeans was that they left nothing to imagination in the bum area (this, people is my polite attempt at describing bum cleavage). I ended up trying on the “demi curve” which is slightly higher at the back. It still is a little low for me as I tend to buy jeans that go all the way up to my belly button, but if you like low-rise jeans then you should love the Curve ID range.
Levi's Curve ID
I am wearing – Levi’s Jeans, See by Chloe sandals, Topshop top and an Isabel Marant jacket.

One question for you: I am thinking of maybe creating a separate section on my blog for press events and reviews, to keep the blog “clean” and personal while still letting you know about new products. What do you think? Do you mind when events reviews are mixed with more personal stuff? Or would you like them to be separate?