Quiksilver Women AW 10

A long time ago, in a borough not so far away, a grumpy French blogger met up with a stylish gang of American ladies. Up in the highest tower of the Zetter, Beth, Laurel and Marta worked their magic and turned that blogger’s frown upside down.

Gremlin Face
ASOS Blouse
You may know Beth as the lady behind The Vintage Society – one of the very first fashion blogs I read. She now runs Beth Jones Style and is a Brand Ambassador for Quiksilver Women
Laurel Dailey is the photographer. I could talk about her for ages. First, because she had on the coolest DIY jersey maxi dress when I met her, and secondly because she is possibly the only photographer that ever got me to er well… smile and pose without feeling awkward. Have a look at her site, or at the photos she took for Beth, you won’t be disappointed!
Quiksilver women
Quiksilver Dial 9 dress worn as a blouse, Beth’s vintage hat & necklace, Insight denim shorts, Swedish Hasbeens clogs
Beth, Laurel and Marta (from Quiksilver Europe) had me there to show me the AW10 Quiksilver Women collection. I went mostly because I trusted Beth – in my head, if she was involved in the project, and I knew she had been for a while, it meant there was some pretty heavy fashion element involved. I didn’t quite know what to expect, Quiksilver not being a brand I pay attention to. 
Quiksilver Women
I was very surprised to find a range of clothing that manages to be very stylish and versatile while still keeping its “sporty” vibe. Did I write “vibe”? I believe I did and I apologise for that. Don’t mind me, I will just go and get a knife now. 
Quiksilver Women
I was also a bit worried of not being able to fit in the samples (UK8 to my UK12), but the sizing on some items is quite generous so I was able to try on a few things, and once I had picked my favourite, Laurel snapped away.
Some more items from the collection (in my size) are on their way to me as I write this so expect to see more on the blog very soon.
Quiksilver Women
All photos (c) Laurel Dailey.