Keen on Keener

I don’t really have style icons. There are a few ladies whose style consistently impresses and inspires me, but I still wouldn’t call them icons. What I do have is a list of girl crushes that goes on and on. High up on that list is Catherine Keener. 

I first discovered her in “Living in Oblivion” by Tom DiCillo.  My love for Steve Buscemi had carried me all the way to my nearest cinema and I remember clearly being so impressed by Keener’s innate coolness and naturalness that I left with a brand new crush.
Living in Oblivion
Catherine Keener “Living in Oblivion”
I then tried to see more films with her, and that included “Walking and Talking” by Nicole Holofcener only a year later. By then I had already decided she was the coolest lady on Earth anyway, but I must say her film choices have been consistently good.
On Saturday, I went to see “Please Give” which happens to be the latest of Holofcener’s films, starring – you guessed it – Catherine Keener.
The film, set in New York and centered around an antique dealer (Keener) ridden with guilt because of   aspects of her job (house clearances) trying to manage her career, family life while juggling with her burden. It is a bit Woody Allen, it is a bit 1990 and I urge you to go and see it…
Catherine Keener and Nicole Holofcener in Please Give
… it is also a big Keener fest, where she appears even more effortless than ever, wearing extremely simple outfits accessorised only with her tousled mane and almost no make-up. 
Catherine Keener stars as Kate in Please Give