A pretty dress… and the most boring shoes ever.

I like how after waxing lyrical about all the wonderful shoes I am lusting after yesterday, I am now showing my outfit featuring the most boring shoes ever.
Don’t get me wrong, I like them. I wear them all the time actually. They have seen better days and it is already my second pair of the same style, BUT they are boring. A bit like slippers actually. 
The dress however is one of the most exciting dresses in my closet at the moment. It has everything I like: nude/peachy colour, Peter Pan collar, subtle gold detailing and a very simple line. And while it may not be the best shape for my upper body, it sort of works, so I roll with it.
Dress – Pins & Needles (via UO)
Shoes – Office
I mentioned on Twitter I finally got a tripod, after using a well-placed shelf for the past couple of years. You can’t really tell as I am still in my living-room, but I am hoping for more exciting locations as soon as I am ready to go out in Central London on my own with a tripod and look stupid. I normally do it everyday, but without the tripod.