Secret Diary of a Blog Girl – Part 3

I think this might well be the last installment of my Secret Diary of a Blog Girl as I have posted all the relevant questions from my Formspring. If you there are more things you’d like to know, you are welcome to leave a comment or email me. 

What time do you start and finish work

I wake up at 8 everyday, start working pretty much straight away and I stop around 6.30, although I don’t really stop because I am still checking emails etc. That’s what happens when you work for yourself from home and you like what you do: work never stops.

Are you a vegetarian or could you ever be one?

I am not a vegetarian and I don’t intend to be one. I didn’t eat meat for a month after Christmas as a stupid bet with my fiancé (and I won). I like meat.

Do you like 50s diners and if so which is your favourite one to go to?

Yes, sometimes. There aren’t that many brilliant ones in London, but The Diner on Ganton street does the trick. I am addicted to their strawberry/peanut butter shakes!

Do you smoke?

I used to and I stopped when I got pregnant. Now I only smoke very occasionally (like one cigarette every 2 months!).

What did you wear when you were pregnant?

Pretty much the same stuff I normally wear, but in a size 16 so I could fit my GINORMOUS belly (and pregnant butt) in my dresses. Luckily I was heavily pregnant mainly in the Spring and Summer so it made things easier, I just had to slip on on smock dress or some sort of jersey dress and i was good to go.

Who’s your favourite celeb chef?

Without a doubt Nigel Slater, although I am not sure he qualifies as a celebrity chef. 
Runner up: Gordon Ramsey. I can’t resist a man who likes simple cooking and has a potty mouth.

What is your favourite fragrance?

I wear Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and am completely in love with it.
I also like Costume National perfume.

Do you have a polyvore if so what is it?

I don’t use it very often though so it’s going to be a let down.