Secret Diary of a Blog Girl – Part 2

I was planning on posting this later, but since I received so many emails saying you liked it, I am just going to post it now. These are a few more questions and answers from my soon to be gone FormSpring. Today’s selection is mostly blog related.
If you would like to know more about my music tastes, you should head over to My Life is Acid where I’ve done a mixtape (really Springy).

I have been thinking a lot about blogs recently as I am starting my own. Most blogs, like yours, include photos of the blogger. Was that daunting for the first time? Did you worry about ‘internet trolls’?

It took me about 6 months before I started posting photos of myself on the blog, mainly because I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to give into the more narcissistic side of it. I finally decided to do it because it makes sense to showcase my own style to support what I say about my likes and dislikes, inspiration etc. It helps people who read me know me better too, which is nice.
I know I talk about the internet trolls a lot, but I actually don’t care what they say at all, so they weren’t my worry.
As I said my primary worry was to feel stupid and vain by posting photos of myself… and I sometimes do, but I can live with it I suppose 🙂

What do you like to see/read about most in other people’s blogs?

I like bloggers who show both extreme intelligence and understanding of the fashion world and a keen eye for beauty.
I like people who can write and take photographs, I like reading posts and feel like I’ve learned something. I like leaving a blog feeling inspired.
I also like blogs that have personality and that are really unique.

Having been invited to Fashion Week, do you feel underpressure to have lengthy reviews of each show or to say you liked shows when you didn’t, just to please the right people?

Not at all. If I am covering fashion week only for my blog, I tend to only request invitations for shows from designers I like, If I don’t like the collection, I will say it, but I don’t like being negative for the sake of it. It is not by fear of not being invited again, as if it happens, it happens, nothing I can do about it. Blogging is about freedom of expression and personal taste.

It is a different story if I am commissioned to write for someone else. Then it means I have to go to all sorts of shows, even some I don’t like. But then I will review them in my commissioned article and ignore them on my blog.

Basically, I want my site to be a positive space, where people come to read happy stuff. No point in slagging off and nagging.

How often do labels give you freebies?

Generally, labels give me freebies only if it is relevant – like products to review etc. I occasionally get gifts to thank me for especially good articles.
I write about stuff I like on my blog, so if a brand finds out and is happy about it, sometimes they thank me by giving me a gift.

I like it when people contact me first to ask me if they can send me a product to review as when things are sent and are totally irrelevant, it is more a hassle than anything. I don’t live in a castle so I don’t have much space for things to pile up, and often those things are not even good enough for giveaways.

When I used to work as a magazine editor, I received so many things daily, it was unbelievable. But that’s the way things work: for some products, you can’t write about it if you haven’t got it in your hands.

I think more labels should have a loan programme rather than giving away stuff all the time.

Could you explain what you would do on an average working day?

Yes, sure. When I get up, I check my emails, catch up with my rss subscriptions and tumblr/twitter. Then I get in the shower.
After that I have breakfast while writing my post for the day. If I need to edit photos or a video, it takes me a little bit longer.
Basically the mornings are dedicated to my blog and/or commissioned writing .
In the afternoon, I reply to all my emails if I haven’t had time in the morning and I often go to meetings with brands, or do consultancy missions.
It varies a lot though as I work for myself, but that’s like an average day for me.

Have you ever though about having a cookery section on your blog and what is your favourite food?

I have considered it as it would tie in nicely with the “lifestyle” part of it. If I do it, I want to do it well though and at the moment I don’t have the time (or skills) to do it well so I’d rather not do it at all.
I can cook fairly well and I know a few recipes, but I will definitely focus on style and interiors for now.
I love all sorts of food so I have a very hard time replying to this. Something I could eat absolutely all the time is sushi. I really like pot au feu (mainly the one my mum makes) and also I enjoy a good Tunisian couscous.