London Fashion Week Day 3 - Clements Ribeiro


Remember last season's Clements Ribeiro presentation? The one with the cat prints? Well this time they have done even better with a collection inspired by Haute Bohemia. The textures and embellishments are to die for and the presentation itself was very atmospheric, partly due to the beautiful musical selection by Michel Gaubert and Steven Brinke. When I got there, they were playing a chords only cover of a New Order song. I know it sounds all kinds of wrong, but I swear it was extremely right in that context.

Clements Ribeiro
Clements Ribeiro

I loved how luxurious yet highly wearable most of the pieces were. On the whole, I really enjoyed the collection but it was the footwear that got my interest.  Cossack boots with sequin flower motifs and strappy winter sandals are now on top of my wish list for next winter.

Clements Ribeiro

There was also a lot of paisley print, which I am quite partial to as you might have noticed.
Clements Ribeiro

Clements Ribeiro


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