London Fashion Week Day 2 – Topshop Unique

At the Unique show, I was faced with a very annoying situation: the 2 people sitting in front of me had ginormous hats on, and they weren’t dainty 13 year old girls. They were two big men, one in what resembled a papier maché Chapka and the other one with a full on bear suit. Fashion fluff, if you like. 
This aside, the show was interesting as it was inspired by Woodland Creatures and styled by Katie Grand. I liked the clever use of giant animal heads/hats and some pieces from the collection are definitely welcome to stay indefinitely in my closet. I spied a few really good duffle type coats, pretty shorts and a great fox tee-shirt. I can’t really tell you much more as half of the outfits were in fact hidden by those two big dweebs  sitting in front of me.

This collection was much more my cup of tea than their SS10 one as there is a bit more structure to it and it just seems more like something I would wear.
I also really liked the hair, big and wild (with matching crazy eyebrows).