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Oh look, it's Monday morning again. 

This week is going to be super busy, with some fashion & social media consultancy, talking at the e-commerce summit, a visit at the Jimmy Choo 24/7 suite and various other bits and bobs. This means this week is going to be outfit rich as it might be the only thing I have time to post. Worry not though as I have a plethora of posts waiting to be written, filmed, photographed and they will come to you next week. 

I went to Tart on Saturday and I will try and edit the video I made there so I can show it to you this week. I had a great time there, even had my palms read, which made for an interesting experience. Totally mind-blowing at first, and a little less once my reasoning abilities came back - still something I don't regret doing, but more as an experiment in psychology than anything. After I mentioned this reading on Twitter, Ellen from Vagabondiana told me I should read the Daisy Garnett's article in this month's Vogue about this so I will in turn encourage you to read it if this is something that interests you.

This is an outfit I wore last week when I posted all 20+ packages from my shop to some of you!



Skirt & Tee-shirt - Monki (I have to thank Adeline for the skirt <3)
Denim waistcoat - Vintage (belonged to my mum)
Boots - from a crappy little shop in Paris

If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms this week, please feel free to browse my Dream Vault aka my Tumblr.


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