The challenging dress

I have had this dress for months now. I saw it on Etsy and it was love at first sight. The scalloped edges , the Peter Pan collar and the print were all screaming my name. And then it got sent to Australia by accident. When it finally arrived, I tried it on and found it pretty but for some reason it didn’t look quite right. I don’t know if it is just because I was slightly chubbier than normal that day or if I just needed to think about it for a while but I ended up putting it back in my closet… And got quite prejudiced against it. However, last week I was feeling brave so I gave it another chance, tried it on with a few things and fell in love with it all over again, but this time on me too.
So here it is: my challenging dress.
Brown Vintage Dress
Dress – The Greedy Seagull on Etsy
Boots – Vintage
Denim jacket – Primark
Belt – vintage
I am not used to clothes being challenging since I am very conscious of what shapes and colours suit me, but this one took a while to tame, despite being perfect in theory.
Do you have clothes you took a while to make yours?