London Fashion Week - Topshop Unique


I still don't really get why Topshop Unique should be on a runway. But that's just me it seems, judging by the increasing crowd of fashionistas battling to get a sneak peek at their new collection. The controversy of Topshop on a runway is long forgotten... I don't really get queuing in front of a shop for an exclusive collaboration either, mind you, so I am probably not the right person for the job...

This aside, the Unique collection was ok. Nothing mindblowing, but nice pastel colours, nice statement shoes, pretty accessories... Just what you would expect from a fashionable high street brand basically.

Here is what Loulou thought of the collection: "I didn't LOVE the collection aside from the shoes, it looked good but I'm not sure how buy-able or wearable a lot of it was, more about picking out some key pieces. For instance the long boob tube dresses could only look good on someone of model stature."

Topshop Unique
Topshop Unique
Topshop Unique
Topshop Unique
Topshop Unique

Photos & Video courtesy of Loulou


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