London Fashion Week – Bernard Chandran

To be honest, I don’t always get to spend my Friday evenings in company of Malaysia’s “Prince of Fashion” but luckily LFW was calling and I got to see Bernard Chandran’s catwalk show at ON|OFF last night.

There are some collections that could just move into my wardrobe, right from the runway. And then there are others that need a bit more attention. Bernard Chandran’s collection is the second one. I enjoyed the show very much. I did have to pay close attention to the clothes as the collection ranges from very strong shapes with masks and studded corsets to feminine, floaty dresses. These are what I would call grown-up clothes.
His collection features some very avant-garde pieces that include the aforementioned face masks and head pieces in shape of a fish. The colours range from dark greys/black to decked beige shades and dirty whites and to vibrant orange and blue. I could definitely see that Bernard draws a lot of influences from his cultural background and probably what surrounds him.
And I like men who dress women in strong yet feminine clothes – there really is nothing more flattering.
Fun fact of the night: I got to witness three major catwalk blunders –
Wardrobe malfunction (Booby alert! And I accidentally took a picture……..)
The stumbling model (She kept her cool, though.)
Going, going, gone headpiece (The model graciously carried it for the rest of the runway, Tyra would’ve approved!)

Bernard Chandran
Bernard Chandran
Bernard Chandran