London Fashion Week – Ashish & PPQ

Well yesterday afternoon, I had a bit of a Fashion Week fail as I was waiting for the Ashish show… It was so muggy and packed, I was really fed up and then suddenly I felt faint. Nice, well done. So I decided to go home for the day and give up my tickets for Ashish and PPQ. Fortunately, I have some buddies who will provide me with pictures to show you and even a little write up!
I have just been reading the review of the PPQ show on, and judging by their photographs, I think I agree with them, so it looks like I didn’t miss too much as I have to say am not a massive fan of this particular collection.
I am however a but annoyed to have missed Ashish, as I can always do with a bit of tropical sequins. I think there is a curse on the Ashish show though, because last season, I was also double booked and had to send someone else to the show in my place.
There will be some sort of coverage of these two shows on here, but probably a little out of timing!
I stayed in bed for Betty Jackson so I would be on top forme for Eley Kishimoto and Antoni & Alisoni. It should be a relatively easy task, but yesterday’s little adventure made me a bit fearful of the queues, the heat and the evil security guards at Somerset House.