Florals in Stockholm

I had been wanting to go to Stockholm for a while and I didn’t want to miss anything, so I prepared my trip like a big geekosaurus. I even spoke to the lovely Sandra from Niotillfem to ask her for some more places to go. She recommended me to go to Grill a restaurant she described as “a fairytale”. I booked us a table, and on friday night, we went there. I will tell you more about it in my Stockholm guide post, but here are some photos of what I wore that evening.


Meet my beautiful Maman

Grill, more blending in
Blending in

Grill - blending in
More blending in

Dress – Dahlia
Shoes – Vintage, from Life is Good in Stockholm
Bow – Loulou Loves You
Glasses – Vintage

I was just featured in Seventeen in a post about Cool Fashion blogs, you can see more about it in my press section or read the post directly here. They also mention my letter buddy Poochie from Shoe Daydreams. Muteen, Seventeen, YAY for teen mags.