MR Crush on Supersweet magazine

I am off to Stockholm tonight, but before I leave, I wanted to share with you my new crush… From time to time, I will pick a magazine, a blog or a personality and do a little focus on them. This could be announcing a change on a website, a special sale, or just reminding you how special a blog is. You will find their logo in the right sidebar, and a small post about them.

This time, I am crushing on a lovely magazine called Supersweet. I like Supersweet because they are not trying too hard to be cool. They just are what they are. You can find articles about emerging artists and designers, as well as reviews of newish bands and it is good to keep yourself in the general loop! I won’t say much more, because most of you probably know this mag already… BUT…

… You may not know they also have a shop… with a sale on at the moment! YES!!! A SALE!!! And a pretty cool one as well, with brands like Spijkers en Spijkers, Alex + Chloe or Alexandre Herchcovitch.

Here are my top picks from the Supersweet shop – click on the photos to go to their page in the shop.





If you subscribe to the magazine’s newsletter, you will get 10% off the shop as well, which is pretty cool.


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