Mademoiselle Robot presents… Mademoiselle Style

You know how I keep moaning about being busy all the time? And how I mentioned starting a business in my latest post? Well… Some of you might have noticed the “Mademoiselle Style” link in the right sidebar. It has been there for the past couple of weeks. Some of you might have even clicked on it (if you did, thank you, you probably already know what I am about to write).

To cut a long story short, Mademoiselle Style is Mademoiselle Robot’s sister project. Not a blog, but a site where I offer my services as a Style Consultant (in the U.K., but if you have a private jet and want to fly me to Hawaii, I am so there!).

I have been writing about style for so long now, and giving advice through my posts and by email to some of my readers, I thought it was time to start doing it face to face, and to offer my help to a wider audience.Which is why I started Mademoiselle Style.

I wanted it to be in tune with who I am, so as well as more traditional Style Consultant services, I am offering Vintage style consultations, Style on a budget consultations and a special treat for new mums who want to work on a new look.

Feel free to go have a look and pass the address on to anyone you think would benefit from something like this! If you recommend a friend, you will get a Style Booster FREE once they have had their consultation.

Attention, attention! (this is where you can win stuff)

The first person to book ANY consultation through the blog will get it for FREE – the following 5 people will get 50% off as a welcome gift.