Modepass Contest – And the winner is…

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post announcing a contest with Modepass? Well today is the day I announce the winner… First, I would like to remind you that the lucky boy or girl who won today get €100 to spend at Eple and Melk, Valentine Gauthier or Denim Gallery Biarritz. Pretty sweet isn’t it?

It is a bit difficult to create suspense in a blog post, so I won’t digress anymore.

One last thing though before I announce the winner: I really am thrilled that one of you is getting a chance to win €100 by reading my blog and following me on Modepass. It is a good way to say “thank you” to everyone who has been following me through all the redesigns, various angles etc.

The winner is…


Congratulations Nicole, you won €100!!!

To all of you who participated, sorry you didn’t get to win, but make sure to keep checking my blog, as I have many giveaways and competitions coming up and you will end up winning something else!

You can add Nicole and myself on Modepass if you want!