What I am wearing / The Secretary dress

I own only one “evening” dress. And I don’t even wear it that much, as it is really quite over the top. I enjoy nothing more than a cute day dress worn in the evening. Which can generally be achieved fairly easily by adding high heels and/or some interesting accessories.

Here you can see the Puppy Kitty Bunny tote in full effect!

I find there is something very comforting in wearing day dresses in the evening, almost as if it still allowed me to be completely myself. Being under dressed makes me feel good. It means I can dance and prance and do everything I want without fearing for my boob tube bodycon dress to fall down, for my chiffon skirt to catch on fire or other dangers of the party dress.


This is the outfit I wore to go to Simon Henwood‘s book launch, at Vanilla (they have white damask drapes there *shivers*) and it felt pretty good to be keeping it simple, especially when a man walked by with what seemed to be a toilet on his head.


Jacket – some crappy internet shop or the other
Dress – Vintage
Belt – Very old H&M
Tights – ASOS
Shoes – New Look (I ended up wearing my very high black ones instead)
Brooch – Marc Jacobs
Hat – Pretty Good Things

What do you normally wear when you go out? Evening or day wear?