What I am wearing / Playtime!

Just like every year, at the beginning of March (sometimes earlier if I am feeling optimistic), I start bothering everyone singing “Spring is a-comin'”, a song I invented a few years back, when I was working for a videogames company.
It used to drive my friends there nuts, including Mr.Robot, just ask him.
My songs really are legendary, I can whip one up just like this *snaps fingers* and send it by text message. I like to improvise.

BUT I DIGRESS. And even though this is my blog, and I can digress for hours if I like, I will get back to the point, because I am nice like that.

Spring IS coming. I can smell it in the air, I wake up and the sun is shining, I can hear birds in the tree by my bedroom at three in the morning, that’s spring. Soon.
SO I refuse to wear my coat from now on. I took my jackets out of the closet, and I will catch a cold if I have to, but I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A COAT TILL NEXT NOVEMBER.

Here’s what I was wearing yesterday to go play in Regent’s Park with Mila & Loulou.




Skirt – H&M
Tee – Uniqlo
Tights – H&M
Dress (on top) – Vintage
Boots – Office

Have a lovely weekend everyone!