What I am wearing / Oh deer!

Deer Headband

Last month, I ordered a Deer headband from a little shop on Etsy. I wanted to wear it for Dress Up, but it didn’t arrive in time. For a long, terribly long time, it didn’t arrive at all and Mary and I thought it was lost in the limbo between America and England. Imagine a poor little fawn swimming in the Atlantic. Sad face.


But then today, it arrived! And as if by magic, it was the perfect addition to my already nature themed outfit.


It became clear that I had to document the outfit, mostly to show you the headband, as the rest of the outfit is just everyday work outfit (apart from the shoes that I added as I am really sans chaussures to hang around the flat).
Deer Headband

Deer Headband

In the next few weeks, expect a lot of really obnoxious head shots wearing my new friend. I can’t help it, it is just too perfect, it just sits there, doesn’t give me a headache unlike 99% of headbands, and more importantly the headband is totally invisible.

On a side note, I finally found the floral tights I wanted.


Jumper – Vintage
Skirt – Lily Cole for M&S
Headband – Pretty Good Things
Shoes – Vintage