Dress Up, the IFB Fashion Week soirée: Raffle Results

Hello everyone, and sorry for taking so long to announce the winning numbers, but I had some technical difficulties. Originally, Jennine and I had made a little video of the raffle, but it just wasn’t working out, so here I am typing the results… Not as fun as the video, but at least, you will know if you have won or not!

First, let me tell you the rules: if you have one of the winning raffle tickets, you have to email me [email protected] (I believe you all know my email by now) with a photo of you holding the ticket and your postal address. I will then post your prize.
I would also like to remind you that this raffle is open to IFB members ONLY. There was a mix up with one of the prizes, so I thought I’d clarify here.

And now… THE PRIZES!!!

From I Heart Norwegian Wood, the Maximum Fringe Necklace & Floral Leggings.

From Gabriel & Schwan a handmade rope necklace (in red).

From Jargol, the designer index tote bag

From HP, the limited edition Vivienne Tam wireless optical mouse

From Complex Geometries, the long strap tank (size XS)

From Loulou Loves You, the Loulou knickers & a hair bow

Speaking of Loulou, if anyone has seen a pair of black Loulou knickers at the party and took them by accident, please get in touch asap!

I hope you haven’t lost your tickets, good luck everyone.