The girl who wrote a whole post about her hair

Remember me?

I don’t post really often at the moment, I know. But I decided to slow down a bit and work on exciting new things, instead of bombarding you with daily posts in which I mainly ramble.

Today is different though. Today, I am going to go on about my hair. My new hair to be precise. I spent nearly 2 years growing it, and it had recently got to the point of no return: the hippie hair. It was so long that I felt the only way I could dress was bohemian chic. A style I don’t necessarily approve of on me. On saturday night, I found myself dressed like Pocahontas without even trying. This is when I knew something had to be done.

I called my good friend who cut my hair last time and asked her opinion, as I trust it above all opinions. She said “you could cut a little bit to make it healthier – or you could cut a lot so it is not like hippie hair!”. Hearing the H word from someone else was the final blow.

So yesterday, she came over, and after having tea & cakes, she cut my hair, and as if by magic, made me myself again.

I was feeling a bit meh, and not so pleased with myself lately, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel now. I am sure the lovely spring like weather is also playing a part in this, but I like to think it is pure and simple hair magic.

Yes, I am the girl who wrote a whole post about her hair. Shamelessly so.

Next time, there will be clothes! tips! interviews! woooyaaaa!