29 Mar 2008

Love is all

I love my friends.
Almost everyone showed up for Mila's half birthday to show her a good time.

I might have to go all soft like Loulou and write entries/love letters to my friends.

27 Mar 2008

A walk in the park

Today it was finally sunny (at least for an hour) so after I went to get some party favours for Mila's half birthday, I took her to the park and we rolled in the grass. AND IT WAS SO GOOD! Damn, I love springtime. I pray for it to continue, it will make my days much more interesting.
Mila seemed pretty excited as well. It was the first time she touched grass. Can you imagine?
First time.
The grass in Coram Fields has just been redone as well so it is bright green, lovely and so soft.
I can't wait for teddy bears picnics and other fun springy things.

24 Mar 2008

A little bit of pornography

I started reading The Other Hollywood, an oral history of porn. Co-written by Legs McNeil, responsible for Please Kill Me, it features interviews of the most eminent figures of the porn, bizarro and erotica scene from the fifties till now. It starts like a dream with John Waters and Bunny Yeager discussing Nudie Cuties, I am already thrilled. The book promises overdoses, defenestrations and suicides stories, without the usual judgemental shadow that goes with most American issued porn related books.

More as I finish my reading.

23 Mar 2008

Bible style SS08

To celebrate Easter Weekend, I decided to stage a little fashion show representing the main trends of SS08 featuring biblical characters.

Moses presents Nautical chic, in red and white cotton robe.

The Three Kings show a wonderful example of color block.

The body con couldn't be shown off better than by Adam & Eve.

And finally, the star of this show to present a classic trend: safari chic.

Try not to be offended and to see it for what it is: not much.
And if you are offended anyway, I am very sorry, but try to refrain yourself from insulting me.

Happy Easter everyone!

20 Mar 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy...

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

I have the shoes (Office - present from Justin)
Now I need to find the dress...

18 Mar 2008

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror

I just finished reading Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley. I originally bought it because the cover illustrations by David Roberts reminded me of Edward Gorey's work. I often judge a book by its cover, and I am often pleasantly surprised. It makes me discover authors I didn't know and takes me out of my literary comfort zone.

Tales of Terror is some kind of children's book for teenagers/adults. If you used to read the short stories from the Alfred Hitchcock presents collection when you were younger, or if you used to enjoy Tales from the Crypt, you will probably love this book. It is a collection of chilling short stories cleverly put together by an ongoing narrative about the relationship between a boy and his very old uncle living in a spooky mansion lost in the woods.

David Roberts' illustrations appear - too rarely - through the book and are a real treat. I have been trying to find some online but failed, so you'll have to judge by the cover illustration, or get the book yourselves!

Apart from this, I currently live the life of a hermit. I interrupted my new lifestyle only to spend a few days with my sister. We went to see the Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which will possibly be the subject of another post.

Some sweet new dresses and shoes coming too in the next posts for those who couldn't care less about what I read...

5 Mar 2008

A minute of pure Miu Miu love

Miu Miu has been one of my favorite designers for a long time, and even though it is now time to look at winter clothes again (sigh), I would like to keep thinking about the Spring collections. Spring isn't even here yet, I don't want to be thinking about wool, cashmere, jackets and coats. I need to dream of sunshine, mini dresses and straw hats.
This collections reminds me of the Little Red Riding Hood, the girls on the catwalk were only missing wolves on leashes. Straight out of fairytales, just how I like them.

I am off to gai Paris tomorrow, but if you are lucky, I will show you some Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Photos Style.com

3 Mar 2008


When I saw Lanvin's brightly colored silk dresses for SS08, I was instantly reminded of super talented Loulou's fine lingerie.
If like me you can't afford Lanvin, you most certainly can afford Loulou's silk beauties!

Lanvin photos Style.com
Loulou Loves You photos from the website.
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