The last day of 2008 & the online confessions

To celebrate the last day of 2008, you can confess your 2008 secrets & 2009 resolutions. Just leave an anonymous comment to this post and spill it!

My to-do list for 2009:

Family & Friends
❤ Enjoy the year with Mila before she goes to school.
❤ Be a good godmother.
❤ Find more time for friends.
❤ Go out less, but pick my nights carefully and have a great time every time.

❤ Go somewhere I have never been before.
❤ Go to America to see my friends there I haven’t seen for way too long.
❤ Wherever I go, just get out of London (but not to go to Paris)

Me time
❤ Do yoga three times a week.
❤ Finally getting started on my book.
❤ Look into my secret business idea.

Finally, here’s what I will not be doing tonight: